Mini-marshmallows are definitely for the rocky road enthusiast.


Fresh, juicy and sweet—the go-to topping for many Stakz customers.

white chocolate chips

For the gourmet chocoholic—add white chocolate chips to fruity or chocolatey yogurt flavors for an elegant treat.

pop tarts

Who says Pop Tarts are for toasting only . . . these frosted pop tart pieces are a great topping choice, especially if Mom says ... Read More

vanilla wafers

Crispy vanilla wafers—stick these delicious cookies at the bottom of your cup or into the frozen yogurt—go ahead, use them to scoop and lick.

marshmallow creme

Sticky, ooey, gooey, glistening—marshmallow creme is an essential topping for rocky road lovers.

hot caramel

Oooooohhh the oooooooooeeeey, gooooooooooeeeeey, rich flavor of hot caramel is wonderful over coooooool, creamy frozen yogurt.

hot fudge

Decadent thick and delicious hot fudge sauce glazes the tops of sundaes beautifully, and other toppings to stick to it really well—just in case you ... Read More


Eating nerds doesn't make you one.


Granola—tastes so good it definitely is not just for health nuts!

cinnamon toast crunch

The topping for anyone who is a kid at heart—as the cereal maker says "In an adult world, eat a cereal that was made for ... Read More


Mmmm good— the classic choice for kidz, young + old.

heath bar

Heath milk chocolate English toffee bar is a classic confection—perfected in 1928. Gluten-free, it blends well with so many of our frozen yogurt flavors.


This delicious crispety crunchety, peanut-buttery candy makes us think: Everybody's Gonna Lay A Finger On Our BUTTERFINGERS®

andes mints

The number one selling after-dinner mint, Andes Mints are a smooth blend of mint and chocolate flavors–green mint sandwiched between two thin cocoa-based layers. Our ... Read More

cherry poppers

The newest craze for frozen yogurt and drink mix-ins, these  fruity tapioca pearls are created with real fruit juice inside  and coated with a clear ... Read More


A comfort food. Really?! Delicious mangos can make you feel better because they contain an enzyme which acts as a digestive aid partially responsible for ... Read More


One of nature's perfect foods: kiwi packs a lot of nutrition into a small, fuzzy package—the fruit is low in calories, high in energy and ... Read More

mini reese’s cups

Bite-sized and unwrapped Reese's Minis. They're perfectly tiny, perfectly tasty.

kit kat bars

The wafer/chocolate combo of Kit Kat bars make it a popular choice for many Stakz creations. So . . . "Have a break, have a ... Read More


Fresh, sweet, juicy and naturally wholesome—packed with antioxidants, fiber and vitamins—blackberries are delicious and  good for you.


Juicy, tropical flavor that balances the tastes of sweet and tart—pineapples are second only to bananas as America's favorite tropical fruit.

waffle cone

Crispy and sweet— better than a whole cone, waffle cone pieces are easier to eat.

fruit loops

Fruity taste, fruity aroma— Toucan Sam says: "Follow my {your} nose! It always knows!"  

peanut M&Ms

A favorite for those who like a nutty crunch with their munch . . .


A round flat chocolate drop with the upper surface coated with nonpareils—which in French means, without equal. Pretty special little treat.

cap’n crunch

A great-tasting, crunchy sweetened oat and corn cereal for kids and adults. Seven essential vitamins and minerals, low in fat, so get your crunch on!


Almonds are the most nutrient dense of all tree nuts. Good choice.


Imported from Italy, nutella spread combines roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. Real fans of Nutella even celebrate World Nutella Day!