yöghund—delicious + nutritious super treats for the well-being of your pet

yöghund—so good for your dog

A dog’s entire diet should be healthy, not just their food. Yoghund treats are created to be delicious and nutritious super treats that support the entire well-being of your pet. Real frozen yogurt for dogs, with billions of special probiotics added per cup, for real health benefits! The dairy product dogs SHOULD add to their diet everyday.

Yöghund, frozen yogurt treats-just for dogs, are manufactured in New England by a dedicated and knowledgeable team of dog lovers. Yogurt is a well-known ‘superfood’, that is extremely nourishing and contributes to overall wellbeing. Yöghund adds billions of live cultures that are benficial to dogs, in 6 additonal strains, per cup, to the existing yogurt base. Freezing these treats keeps these live bacteria safe and viable, so they can jump into action in your dogs tummy. Introducing billions of desirable probiotics, ensures enough will survive the challenging digestive process to take up residence in the lower intestines. Here they do their work of aiding digestion and nutrient uptake and supporting the immune system.

Why Yogurt?

Dogs generally struggle to digest dairy products due to the lack of lactase enzymes in their systems. Without these enzymes, the lactose in dairy foods cannot be broken down, resulting in digestive upset. Yogurt is one of the few dairy products that offers the solution; the bacteria used to create yogurt, breaks down lactose as it feeds and multiplies; this process renders the lactose ‘predigested state’ and provides lactase as a byproduct. How great is that?!

Vets recommend serving a cup of Yöghund a day, to keep those probiotic counts high in your dog’s system. A daily regimen offers the best scenario for building immunity and assisting with digestion and nutrient absorption. You won’t find added sugar and preservatives here; our low fat, low calorie treat is bursting with good things for your dog in flavors we’re sure your pet will love…we guarantee it!

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